Our student Tuana, who has done her internship at both EUCON e.V. and NPZR with the ESC, would like to share her internship experiences with you so far:

“My name is Tuana.
I have come to Munich about 1,5 months ago to do an internship within the scope of ESC through EUCON e.V.. I have started doing my internship in NPZR 3 weeks ago and have already learned a lot of good things here. I believe that being able to observe in group therapies and individual therapies as a senior psychology student will improve me professionally.
On the other hand, before coming to NPZR, I worked as a trainee student at EUCON e.V. for a while. I was assigned for EUCON e.V.’s website, and I am currently enjoying working for the website. Besides, starting an internship in Munich within the scope of this project improved me not only academically but also socially. Furthermore, other employees, superiors, other interns, etc. in both institutions where I have been doing my internships are very kind and helpful people. I feel very lucky to have participated in such a project through EUCON e. V..”

Do not forget to contact us if you would like to do an internship compatible with your field in Munich within the scope of ESC and EUCON e. V. 🙂

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