Under the Erasmus+ program, with the agreement that has been made between Ankara University and EUCON e.V. with the leadership of City of Munich-Department of Labor and Economic Development (Referats für Arbeit und Wirtschaft der Landeshauptstadt München), 3 students from the Faculty of Medicine have arrived to Munich for an internship.

Neuro-Psychiatrisches Zentrum Riem (NPZR), which is the receiving institution of the medical students during their internship period of 3 months in Munich, is an institution that includes psychological, psychiatric, neurological diagnostics and therapies, and various technical examinations.

With the agreements we have made with NPZR and other well-equipped institutions, we aim to provide an instructive and experiential environment for students to develop by covering the ethical framework and social dimension of the profession by putting their majors into practice during their internships.

In addition, as EUCON e.V., we strive to support Erasmus+ students in Munich in every way during their internship. Therefore, although it is not in our job description, we try to help as much as we can in cases such as safe accommodation as well as internships.

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