Nine young volunteers take part in the pilot project named “Care International” of the Münchner Beschäftigungs- und Qualifizierungsprogramm (MBQ), which is based on the cooperation between the Municipality of Maltepe (Istanbul), the Municipality of Munich and MünchenStift GmbH. EUCON e.V. is the managing partner which also looks after young people during their stay.

The purpose of the project is the recruitment of volunteers for patient care from abroad. Young volunteers who do a one-year internship at MünchenStift stay in MünchenStift apartments during this time.

Labor and Economics Consultant Clemens Baumgärtner stated that the project is able to set reliable standards for the interests of applicants from abroad, as well as the Munich care facilities, encourage the migration of skilled workers with the pilot project, while assuring skilled workers for care. He added that the importance of nursing, developing projects for the qualification of nursing staff also improves MBQ. The Care International project is funded by MBQ, the European Union Program (Erasmus+) and MünchenStift.

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