Hello there,

My name is Tuana.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself to you. I am 23 years old and I am studying at Yeditepe University in Istanbul. This year I graduated from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. Since I am a double major student, I am also studying Psychology and I am a senior student in this department.

Since I started university, I have been trying to improve myself in social areas as well as trying to improve myself professionally / academically. Because I think that social skills are very important for people to be able to produce and be successful individuals regardless of the field they are in. Therefore, I think that being able to see and observe different cultures by going out of the culture we live in, and being able to communicate with the individuals in those cultures and think according to that culture, supports the development of social skills from different perspectives. Based on this idea, I applied to to be a volunteer at EUCON e.V. in Munich under European Solidarity Corps (ESC), and I was accepted.

As soon as I saw that I was accepted, I realized that a very enjoyable and experiential period had begun for me. Of course, it may seem difficult to live in a different country for a long time, but as someone who has experienced it personally, I can say that it is the opposite of difficult. Because everyone, from my co-workers who are volunteer students like me to my supervisors, is very kind, caring, helpful and funny. Therefore, I soon realized that my initial worries were unnecessary.

As I said, my goal is to improve myself socially. Therefore, I was ready for any task that would improve me socially. But what surprised and delighted me was that my supervisors working here asked me for my opinion before assigning a task. This was very valuable to me because even though we -as volunteers- will be staying here for a while, it made me feel very valuable to see that they value our ideas and opinions, ask what kind of tasks we are interested in and assign them to us accordingly. And so I became the volunteer responsible for EUCON e.V.’s website and social media.

My aim here is to tell you about my experiences at EUCON e.V., to show you what you can do as a student in Munich, and most importantly, to objectively convey to you the most experience-filled period of my life.

I hope you all like it and hope to see you soon…in München 🙂



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